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Ecological Projects >> Willow Creek

Project:  Willow Creek Watershed Assessment, Spring Mountains, Nevada

Client:  United States Forest Service

Date:  2006-2007

Site Location:   Willow Creek is located in the Spring Mountains approximately 60 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Due to geographic isolation, the Spring Mountains contain numerous endemic plant and invertebrate species.

Overview of the Willow Creek watershed. Willow Creek spring issues from the base of the hill shown in the center of photo.
Overview of the Willow Creek watershed.  Willow Creek spring issues from the base of the hill shown in the center of photo.
Project Summary:
The purpose of the Willow Creek Watershed Assessment is to obtain information that will aid in resource and recreation management actions with particular emphasis on the stream channel, springsnail habitat, roads, and trails.  A former dam along Willow Creek was overtopped during a flood event resulting in stream channel incision and degradation of riparian habitat.  A portion of this project will be to determine solutions for removing the dam and restoring the incised stream channel.  This project addresses current condition and public use of the Willow Creek watershed and provides recommendations/solutions that aim to decrease impacts to riparian vegetation, springsnail habitat, and the stream channel while maintaining appropriate recreational access.  This study will address present impacts while also anticipating future impacts and changes in recreational use.

Project Update:
This project was completed in the Fall of 2007.

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