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Ecological Projects >> Walker River >> West Walker River Fly Fishing Ranch

Project:  Assessment of Cold-Water Fishing Potential at the West Walker Fly Fishing Ranch

Client:  Clear Creek Ranch

Date:  2007 – 2008

Site Location:   West Walker River near Topaz Reservoir, Nevada

Stream habitat on the West Walker Fly Fishing Ranch – 2007.
Stream habitat on the West Walker Fly Fishing Ranch – 2007.
Project Summary:
To determine if a three-mile stretch of the West Walker River could sustain a recreational cold water fishery, Otis Bay studied long-term stream gage records, consulted with state and federal fish biologists, examined effects of ongoing land management, and conducted a literature review.  Additional field studies included abiotic water measurements, benthic aquatic invertebrate surveys, fish snorkel surveys, vegetation mapping, and bird counts.  Results from data collection and studies identified channel entrenchment and bank erosion issues that decreased habitat quality for macroinvertebrates and salmonid fish.  Otis Bay developed multiple recommendations, including instream and riparian habitat improvements, bank stability solutions, underwater fish habitat structure designs, re-vegetation, and recreational trail designs to transform a degraded stretch of river into a productive cold-water fishery for fly-fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers. 

Project Update:
A final report was submitted in January 2008.  Year-round grazing practices have been removed from this stretch of river but restoration has not yet taken place.

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