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Ecological Projects >> Truckee River >> Truckee River at McCarran Ranch

Project:  Truckee River Restoration at McCarran Ranch, Nevada

Client:  The Nature Conservancy

Date:  Lower ranch restoration construction completed December 2006.

Site Location:  McCarran Ranch is located on the Lower Truckee River approximately 15-20 miles downstream from Reno, Nevada.

Looking across the Truckee River towards McCarran Ranch.
Project Summary:
Actions completed during restoration at McCarran Ranch included the creation of a new river meander, channel and riffle construction, oxbow wetland construction, revegetation, and the construction of leopard frog ponds. In order to raise the water level surface and promote more frequent overbank flooding within the project area, riffles were constructed within the channel and the overall width of the channel was decreased.  Increased flooding throughout the project will improve wetland habitat within the floodplain.  Many of the wetlands formerly located within the floodplain of the Truckee River have been lost due to flood control activities and development within the floodplain.  Oxbow wetlands were excavated within the floodplain for the purpose of re-creating this type of habitat. Revegetation was completed using both nursery stock and local materials that were salvaged during construction activities. Leopard frogs are a widely distributed species.  However, the population is declining within the Truckee River watershed and adjacent watersheds.  Ponds were constructed at McCarran Ranch for the purpose of raising leopard frogs within an area secure from predators such as bullfrog and crayfish. In 2006 and 2007, artificial underground dens, nest boxes, platforms, perches, brush piles, and rock piles, were constructed to enhance shelter, cover, lookout, and nest sites for wildlife on McCarran Ranch. 

Project Update:

Wetland and river construction were completed in December 2006, and re-vegetation efforts are ongoing.  Plans are currently being made for additional river restoration along the Lower Truckee River.

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