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Ecological Projects >> Truckee River >> Assessment of Riverine Restoration and Flood Attenuation Potential

Project:  Assessment of Riverine Restoration and Flood Attenuation Potential for the lower Truckee River

Client:  Washoe County

Date:  2002 – 2004

Site Location:  Lower Truckee River from Vista to Pyramid Lake, NV.

Lower Truckee River on the McCarran Ranch – 1999.
Lower Truckee River on the McCarran Ranch – 1999.
Project Summary:
Building upon knowledge gained in the lower Truckee River assessment report, Otis Bay continued its assessment of geomorphic river segments for restoration.  Field visits were made to each river segment and each segment was scored for restoration and flood attenuation potential.  Scores were made based on factors that affect flood attenuation, ecological river function, and potential for restoration. 

Since the completion of this report, channel and habitat restoration projects have been initiated for multiple river segments that were ranked high for restoration potential.  Examples of restoration project locations on the lower Truckee River include Lockwood Park, McCarran Ranch, and 102 Ranch

Otis Bay played a key role in coordinating agencies and conservation groups, in collecting and gathering the knowledge needed to understand Truckee River ecosystem recovery issues and needs, and in generating solutions that work on local or river-wide scales.  Restoration prioritization and planning was presented to restore the processes needed to recover the riparian forest and improve aquatic habitats for species conservation, ecosystem renewal, and to create opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Project Update:
This project has been completed. 

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