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Ecological Projects >> Truckee River >> Dorostkar Park Revegetation

Project:  Dorostkar Park Revegetation

Client:  Nevada Land Conservancy and Washoe County Parks

Date:  February 2011 to September 2012

Site Location:  Dorostkar Park is located on the Truckee River, off Mayberry Drive, in the western part of Reno, NV.

July 2012 - A mountain mahogany seedling planted with DriWater for sustained moisture.
July 2012 - A mountain mahogany seedling planted with DriWater for sustained moisture.
Project Summary:
The Nevada Land Conservancy contracted Otis Bay to design and implement an invasive weed control and revegetation plan for Dorostkar Park. A unique and valuable asset to the Truckee Meadows community, Dorostkar Park is an urban nature center that provides river access, a diverse bird population, and valuable educational and wildlife viewing opportunities for the general public, students, and naturalists. Formerly used for agriculture, the park had become host to perennial pepperweed and medusahead, invasive weeds of concern in Nevada. OBEC mapped weed extent, implemented mechanical and chemical weed control methods, and drill seeded the former agricultural fields with a native plant mixture including big sagebrush and Great Basin wildrye. Several large cottonwood trees were transplanted to provide habitat and shade. In addition, Otis Bay planted three gardens containing native shrubs such as mountain mahogany, big sagebrush, and antelope bitterbrush, and installed DriWater, a time-release watering product, to help new plantings through the dry Nevada summer. The shrub gardens have been very successful, and when mature will provide a seed bank of native plants for the park.

Project Update:
This project has been completed.

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