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Ecological Projects >> Truckee River >> Truckee River Restoration at 102 Ranch

Project:  Truckee River Restoration at 102 Ranch

Client:  Bureau of Land Management, The Nature Conservancy

Date:  August – December 2008

Site Location:  102 Ranch is located on the Lower Truckee River, approximately 20 miles east of Reno, NV (Exit 32/USA Parkway off of I-80).

Constructing a new river meander, 102 Ranch (September 2008).
Constructing a new river meander, 102 Ranch (September 2008).
Project Summary:
102 Ranch was OBEC’s third project in an ongoing series of large-scale river restoration efforts on the lower Truckee River. The river channel at 102 Ranch had been straightened for flood control and had become incised and separated from its floodplain. The floodplain area, also formerly used as an agricultural field, was covered in invasive weeds. OBEC provided design, construction work, and construction oversight for creation of multiple new river meanders, riffles, wetlands, and adjacent sloped uplands. OBEC hydrologists used on-the-ground topographic surveys and HEC-RAS modeling as tools to inform potential river and wetland designs. In order to raise the water level surface and promote more frequent overbank flooding, which improves wetland habitat and floodplain connectivity, multiple riffles and new meander bends were added to the river channel.   Wetland ponds and backwater areas were excavated within the floodplain to re-create a variety of habitat types for use by native fish, birds, and other wildlife. 
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