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Ecological Projects >> Walker River >> Rosaschi Ranch, East Fork Walker River

Project:  Riparian Area Enhancement at Rosaschi Ranch, Nevada.

Client:  United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Date:  March through April 2005

Site Location:   Rosaschi Ranch is located along the East Fork of the Walker River in Nevada.  The ranch is approximately 20 east of Bridgeport, California and is at the boundary between the Sierra Nevada and the Great Basin.

Overview of the upper meadows at Rosaschi Ranch.
Overview of the upper meadows at Rosaschi Ranch.
Project Summary:
Rosaschi Ranch was purchased by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service for the purpose of preserving riparian habitat along the East Fork of the Walker River.  This section of the East Fork Walker River is renowned for quality trout fishing.  Restoration activities at Rosaschi Ranch will be completed in phases.  General project goals include: 1) enhancing plant species composition and structural diversity of agricultural fields, 2) controlling and eradicating undesirable weedy species in agricultural fields and grazed wet meadows, 3) planting new riparian forest and riparian shrubland habitat, 4) creating new oxbow wetlands, 5) creating new side channels, and 6) restoring natural drainages in the upper agricultural fields, where possible. Expected future trends include improved water quality of the Walker River through reduced soil erosion and sediment yield, improved upland and riparian wildlife habitat, decreased spread of undesirable weedy species, and improved streambank stability.

Phase I restoration actions included the construction of oxbow wetlands within the floodplain.  Both upland and wetland revegetation activities were completed.  Former agricultural fields were planted with a mixture of plant and seed materials.  The riparian habitat within Rosaschi Ranch is in good condition compared to most riparian habitat throughout the Great Basin. Our efforts will result in a broader and more complex riparian habitat as the former agricultural fields return to riparian habitat.  Wetland plants were planted within the oxbow wetlands.  Pole cuttings of both willow and cottonwood were collected locally and planted within the floodplain.

Project Update:
This project has been completed.

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