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Ecological Projects >> Reese River >> Diversion Structures Repair and Replacement

Project:  Diversion Structures Repair and Replacement

Client:  Yomba Shoshone Tribe

Date:  2004 - Present

Site Locations:  Various locations along the Reese River inside the boundaries of the Yomba Indian Reservation, Nye County, Nevada.

Failed Structure at Yomba Diversion A.
Failed Structure at Yomba Diversion A.
Project Summary:
The Reese River flows out of the Arc Dome Wilderness Area and into the Reese River Valley, providing much-needed water for agriculture and personal use. In order to convey water from the river to its needed destinations, a series of diversion structures were built at various locations along the river. Some of these structures have failed, many are close to failing, and all are in need of either repair or replacement. Otis Bay has developed strategies to repair or replace these structures, while also devising solutions to some of the problems commonly associated with water diversions.

One of the major problems occurring on the Reese River is a condition known as “head cut” which results from a lowering of the river’s natural water flow due to diversion activity. Lack of water flow causes the river channel to incise, lowering the surrounding water table and causing the riparian plants associated with the river to die. Arresting the “head cut” was a determining factor for the design and reconstruction of Diversion F.

At Diversion A (shown above) a total structural failure of the existing diversion resulted in need for a new diversion structure. Otis Bay developed a diversion design which allows necessary diversion, arrests the head cut, and acts as a fish barrier, denying access to the upper Reese River by non-native fish.

The number of diversions and their varying locations have provided Otis Bay with the opportunity to explore and develop many alternatives and solutions to the problems and difficulties associated with water diversion practices on the Reese River.

Project Update:
Planning, design, and construction projects continue.

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