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Ecological Projects >> Pahranagat >> Refuge-wide Wetland Restoration Design

Project:  Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge-wide Wetland Restoration Design

Client:  United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Date:  March 2011 to 2012

Site Location:   Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge is located in the historic White River watershed approximately 70 miles north of Las Vegas, NV.

January 2012 – Surveying of WHIN Dike.
January 2012 – Surveying of WHIN Dike.
Project Summary:

OBEC developed a restoration plan with recommended actions to improve natural wetland habitats on the Pahranagat NWR.  Multiple task reports were completed: 

  • Black Canyon channel restoration – This report included a channel restoration and vegetation enhancement plan for a relict pathway of the pluvial White River.  A separate environmental assessment report was completed and reviewed by the public.

  • Habitat enhancement plan for the endangered southwestern willow flycatcher, sandhill crane, and other migratory birds – This report identifies conservation priority species, their occurrence locations, types of habitats used, and habitat needs, with a focus on southwestern willow flycatchers and sandhill cranes.  Ranking tables, developed for southwestern willow flycatcher, sandhill crane, and spring sites, prioritized areas for habitat enhancement or restoration based on need, presence of conservation priority species, area of potential habitat enhancement, and feasibility.

  • Assessment and improvement of water control structures on the refuge – Plan drawings and structural improvement designs for 3 dikes that control water in the Middle Marsh were developed, along with a channel restoration plan for the Headquarters area, to improve habitat function, quality, and acreage for conservation priority species.
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