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Ecological Projects >> Muddy River >> Stuart Ranch Biophysical Assessment

Project:  Stuart Ranch Biophysical Assessment and Ecological Recovery Plan

Client:  Nevada Bureau of Land Management

Date:  2008 - 2009

Site Location:   Stuart Ranch is located in the Meadow Valley Wash area, northeast of the town of Moapa, NV.

Sunset over the Stuart Ranch wash.
Sunset over the Stuart Ranch wash.
Project Summary:
The BLM-owned, historic Stuart Ranch property contains important cultural resources and an extensive riparian corridor. This area, which provides habitat for the endangered southwestern willow flycatcher and the state sensitive Meadow Valley Wash desert sucker and speckled dace, has been degraded by mining, agriculture, and flooding. OBEC created a Biophysical Assessment and Ecological Recovery Plan with the aim of restoring the site back to natural conditions. The plan included provisions for weed removal, restoration of riparian habitat, restoration of hydraulic connectivity between the river and floodplain, creation of wetlands and other transitional riparian habitats, and increasing biological productivity and diversity. To inform the assessment, OBEC assembled existing and historic data, performed plant and noxious weed inventories, inventoried soil conditions and water resources, and created maps from collected data.

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