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Project:  Restoration and Enhancement of Apcar Spring and the Lower Pederson

Client:  Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge (MVNWR)

Date:  2007 to 2008

Site Location:   The Apcar parcel of MVNWR is located within the Muddy River drainage, about 7 miles north of Glendale, Nevada.

Cleared nonnative vegetation and new channel construction at the Apcar parcel of MVNWR.
Cleared nonnative vegetation and new channel construction at the Apcar parcel of MVNWR.
Project Summary:
The MVNWR area has been degraded over the last century by persistent water use and disturbance, including the transformation of natural springs into swimming pools and the introduction of nonnative fishes and vegetation. These changes have diminished native Moapa Dace populations to an extent that the species was listed as endangered in 1967. Restoration of the Apcar parcel began in 2007, with removal of a recreational swimming pool and palm trees. Once the dominant nonnative vegetation had been removed from the spring and channels, there was little remnant native ecosystem. Otis Bay designed and implemented a restoration plan for the Apcar parcel, with the goal of improving native ecosystem function and encouraging a stable population of Moapa dace. Restoration involved construction of a naturalized spring channel and revegetation of the spring and channel areas.

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