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Ecological Projects >> Humboldt River >> Pratt Creek Infiltration Gallery

Project:  Pratt Creek Infiltration Gallery

Client:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Date:  July 2012 – September 2012

Site Location:  On Pratt Creek, a tributary to the North Fork of the Humboldt River, west of PX Ranch, approximately70 miles north of Elko NV.

Pratt Creek project site pre-construction.
Pratt Creek project site pre-construction.
Project Summary:
PX Ranch is an active cattle ranch in Elko County, NV. PX Ranch has dedicated water rights allowing it to draw water from Pratt Creek for the purpose of agricultural irrigation. In an effort to protect fish inhabiting the stream and prevent fish from entering the irrigation storage pond, Otis Bay, Inc. was contracted to provide a fish-friendly water diversion structure to provide irrigation water to PX Ranch.

To design an appropriate fish barrier/water diversion, Otis Bay developed several potential design solutions, settling on a piped gallery structure contained within a graded gravel filter, which was then covered by native rock harvested during the construction process. The water from the gallery is collected into a main pipe, which is directed to a concrete box containing a screw gate, allowing control of the flow of water according to need. This design allows water to infiltrate the gallery while excluding fish and debris.

Project Update:
The infiltration gallery was constructed in 2012.  At the time of the most recent site visit, the structure was functioning as anticipated.

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