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Ecological Projects >> Carson River >> River Fork Ranch

Project:  Preliminary Ecosystem Recovery and Restoration Plan for River Fork Ranch

Client:  The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

Date: 2005-2007

Site Location:  River Fork Ranch is located in the Carson River Valley near Genoa, Nevada.

River Fork Ranch located in the Carson River Valley and at the base of the Sierra Nevada Range.
River Fork Ranch located in the Carson River Valley and at the base of the Sierra Nevada Range.
Project Summary:
Our analysis of River Fork Ranch compared existing vegetation to mapping completed in 1861, and revealed a 75% loss of wetlands (306 acres in 1861 to 75 acres in 2000) and a 59% loss of wet meadow (427 acres in 1861 to 174 in 2000).  In addition, the network of historic channels present throughout River Fork Ranch has been relocated, straightened, entrenched, and largely dewatered.

The main objectives of the ecosystem recovery and restoration plan for the ranch include 1) recovering seasonal and perennial wetlands, 2) restoring significant areas of emergent marsh and wet meadow, 3) recovering a natural river channel form that includes a network of multiple single thread meandering channels, 4) promoting natural channel processes such as springtime flooding and channel migration, 5) improving opportunities for public wildlife viewing and outdoor recreation, and 6) ensuring that the project does not increase flood risk.

Project Update:
This preliminary restoration plan has been completed.

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